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The Journal of Philosophy is published monthly, in issues that (ordinarily) contain only 56 or 60 pages of copy. This limits the length of papers we can consider to 12,000 words, including abstracts, keywords, references, and all other text. Longer papers will be returned to authors. We will check the word count of PDFs using this site:


The papers we publish make sustained, original contributions to meaningful debates in the field, as judged by the editors. We recommend that authors check recent volumes to get a clear sense of the Journal's scope. To submit a paper for consideration in the main section of the Journal, please choose the "Research" article type in ReView.

While we do not publish manuscripts that mainly comment on articles published elsewhere, we do publish short responses to Journal articles. Submissions to this "Comments and Criticism" section should be no more than 5,000 words. Please cite and provide a copy of the most current version of the paper to which your manuscript responds especially the published version, if available as a supplemental file.

The Journal of Philosophy does not publish papers that are primarily historical or expository. Currently, the editors are not considering experimental philosophy. Book reviews are by invitation only.

Please also observe the following guidelines when preparing submissions:

Formatting requirements for accepted papers will be specified separately.

Our editors obligate themselves to provide comments to authors when we keep a paper under review for six months or longer. However, editors usually provide constructive referee comments whenever such comments are available. Regardless, the views expressed by readers are not necessarily endorsed by the editors.

Contacting any editor other than the managing editor is expressly forbidden. Doing so violates blind review and makes it impossible for the Journal to consider your paper further. Insults and other foul language will not be tolerated. Repeated attempts to contact editors or staff about a paper after a final decision notice will be considered harassment.