How do I submit my article to The Journal of Philosophy?

Please email with the manuscript file attached in PDF or Word format. See our Memo to Authors for more details.

Is there a fee to submit my article?


Is there a fee to be published in the Journal?


May I submit more than one article at a time?

We can consider up to two submissions at a time from a given author.

The two submissions may refer to one another but must stand alone as independent articles.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions (i.e., papers submitted to more than one publication at a time)?


What is The Journal of Philosophy’s acceptance rate?

Approximately 5%.

Can you comment in advance on whether my paper may be of interest to the Journal?


What is the average duration of review?

Review times vary widely. Most reviews are completed within six months. When the review process takes longer than six months and the paper is not accepted for publication, we provide comments to the author along with our decision notice.