The Journal of Philosophy is published monthly, in issues that (ordinarily) contain only 56 or 60 pages of copy. This limits the length of papers we can consider to 12,000 words, including references. Longer papers will be returned to authors.

While the Journal does not publish manuscripts that mainly comment on articles published elsewhere, we do publish short responses to Journal articles. Submissions to this “Comments and Criticism” section should be no more than 5,000 words, or 12 Journal pages. When beginning your submission process in ReView, please choose the “Comments and Criticism” article type. Please upload a copy of the paper to which your manuscript responds as a supplemental file.

The Journal of Philosophy does not publish papers that are primarily historical or expository; nor does it accept unsolicited book reviews.

As of March 1st, 2024, we require that authors submit their manuscripts via our platform, ReView. Manuscripts may be uploaded in PDF or Word format. Please register and login at the link below:

Our editors obligate themselves to provide comments to authors when we keep a paper under review for six months or longer. However, editors usually elect to provide constructive referee comments to the author when the review process takes less time.

Manuscripts must be prepared for triple-blind refereeing, with any and all revealing references to the author removed, including personal acknowledgments. Author names should also be omitted from the document file properties. Any submission that does not adequately conceal the identity of its author will not be read. All manuscripts must be paginated.

Please also observe the following guidelines when preparing submissions:

(1)  Please include an abstract and keywords at the beginning of your manuscript. 
(2)  No bibliographies will be published; bibliographical material should be put into notes. LaTeX users should enter citations into notes as text.
(3)  Notes should be complete, according to Journal style (see any issue).  Journal citations should include: the first and last name of author(s), name of journal in full, volume number, issue number, month or season, year, the article’s full range of pages, and, if applicable, the specified page or pages.  Book references should include: the first and last name of author, publisher, U.S. city of publication, and date.  Notes should be gathered at the end of the article.
(4)  In quotations, spelling, capitalization, and formatting should adhere to the original.
(5)  Diagrams should be integrated into the manuscript.  Special symbols should be clearly marked and entered in a font that complies with MS Word, such as Cambria Math.
(6)  No underlining; please only italicize variables and the first appearance of technical terms.
(7)  The use of contractions should be limited to questions.

The editors are willing to read and evaluate a manuscript that does not meet these seven guidelines, provided the author agrees to meet them before submitting a final manuscript.  The final version of accepted manuscripts must be formatted either as a Word file or as a LaTeX file.